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Afrocentrism can be seen as an African-American inspired ideology that manifests an affirmation of themselves in a Eurocentric-dominated society, commonly by conceptualizing a glorified heritage in terms of distinctly African, foreign origins (where foreign is anything not indigenous to Sub-Saharan Africa). It often denies or minimizes European cultural influences while accenting historical African civilizations that independently accomplished a significant level of cultural and technological development. In general, Afrocentrism is usually manifested in a focus on African-American culture and the history of Africa, and involves an African-centered view of history and culture to portray the achievements and development of Africans who have been marginalized by other races of people (usually Arabs and whites).
Understanding Maat
BaBa Rashad
The African Diaspora Lecture: Hanibaal
Message to The Black Woman: Chielo Israel
Great African Womans in History: Dr. C.T. Keto
African Research Center
Dr. Timothy Moore
Dog Star Sirius:
Kweku Andoh 2 Discs
Reclaiming Earth:
Haki Madhubuti
Crackers, Presidents
& Earthquakes
The Black Holocaust
Bro. Nomo 2 Discs
The Power of
The Pyramid 2 Discs
Japan & The NWO
Dr. James Garrett
Africans in Mexico
Mathu Ater
Awakening of the Seventh Seal Bro. Hasim
Inside Into
The White Mind
Dr. Gloria Peace
Dr. Yates
To Be A Black Woman
Dr. Marimba Ani
Homosexuality Effeminization of Afrikan Males: Mwalimu Baruti
The Abomination of The False Messiah
Street Consciousness
Battle of The Mind 2 Discs
The Dangers of Vaccines
& Immunizations:
Bro. Curtis Cost
Black Menticide:
Dr. Bobby Wright
Change your Water
Change your Life
Brother Joel
Stepping on The Path
Kedi Obi-Awodu
Spirituality & Destiny
Ben Ammi
The Deep Well of African Culture Jacob Carruthers
Destruction of
Black Civilization
Chancellor Williams
Trauma of Drama & Healing in The Black Community Patricia Newton
Reclaiming A Pan-African History: Dr. Betty Valencia
Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: Joy Leary
Great African Leaders
Dr. Jan Carew
Resisting take Over, Coups and Shut Downs
Bernard White 2 Discs
African Presence in The Greco Roman World in Europe Larry Williams
The Best Ways to Get Along With Whites
Dr. John G. Jackson
Hyksos: Children of Israel
Bro. Ankhka-Amen
The African Genesis
Dr. Edward Bynum
The New Jim Crow:
Prof. Michelle Alexander
Black People Still
Dont Get It
Barbara Sizemore
African Origin of Writing and Mathematics
Chike Akua
The King Alfred Plan
Azear Miles
Quartz Crystal
Ras Ben
Lockheed Martin
Child Support Fraud
Crimes of The Pope
George Simmons
Economic Reparations for Slaves: Dr. Brock
Etymology Linguistic Methodology: The Language of the Moors
We See You Homosexuality 2 Discs
Mwalimu Baruti
The Pineal Gland
Dr. Makeba Judge
How to Lawfully Cancel Contracts
Omari Miles El
IRS Criminal Law codes
Brother Zacar
The Jewish Onslaught
Dr. Tony Martin
Egyptian Sources
of Greek Philosophy
Dr. Marimba Ani
Analysis of
Cheikh Anta Diop
Civilization or Barbarism
Prof. Ngemi
Racism, Injustice,
Ramona Afrika
Comparison between
Egypt and African Language
Dr. Obenga
Force Into Glory
Lerone Bennet Jr
Mabel Williams
& Kathleen Clever
Chancelor Williams
Tony Brown Show
Nkrumah & Ghana
Chancellor Williams
Interviewed By
Lestivett Middleton
Beginning to
Learn Medu Neter
The Rite of Perdition
Chike Akua
Medu Ntchr
Mfundishi Jhutyms
2 Discs
Fidel at Abyssinia
Baptist Church
The Esoteric Path of Love
Bro. Sufi
African Sacred Science
Civilization, Technology of
Chike Akua
African Origin of
Mathmatical Science
Dr. Abdula Muhammad Shabazz