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Dr Malachi Z. York has written over 360 books. Since 1967 A.D. He's Covered Every Subject Under, And Now Above The Sun. For The First 25 Years He Has Reached People By Different Mediums Such As Videos, Music, Books, Magazines And Newspapers, That Have Been Published In Different Languages So That Everyone Would Be Able To Recieve The Facts And The Truth. Tapes Of His Lectures Called "True Light" Have Been Broadcasted In Different States All Over The Country, His Teachings Have Circulated All Over The World. Even The So-Called "Greatest" Debaters Have Avoided Him Because They Know, Although They Won't Admit It, He Has Facts And Is A Force To Be Reckoned With. However They Will Do Everything In Their Power To Supress Him. What They Will Do Is, Use His Teachings Or As The Yound Generation Would Say "Biting". Many People Are Coming Along Using His Format Or Style Of Writing. All Of The Predictions That He Has Made To Us As Far Back As 1970 A.D., Were Eventually Going To Happen, Have Indeed Manifested.
19 Classes: The Real Sunnah
UFOism replaces
Is The Devils Rule Up
Evil Invaders
Go Home
Who Was Yahuwa
Truth is Truth
The Eloheem
Master Teachers
Who & What is
The Anti - Christ
The Coming of Christ
Why Your Children Become Devils
Triads of
Amen Ra
How to Prove The Existence of
The Most High
The Truth About Dr. York
Cults &
Egyptian Mysteries
Egypt & The Bible
No More God Games
The Elohim
( Different )
Hidden Meaning
of Freemasonry
Intellect or Outellect
Malachi York
Is Innocent
The Paleman And
The Bible
All World Relgions Are Egyptian
Atum Re on
Mysteries Behind
Closed Doors
Where Did Cain
Get His Wife From
Exposed The Setup of Malachi York
The Mystery of Tehuti
The Human Reptile
Paul The 13th Self Appointed Apostle
All of
Malachi Yorks DVDs
The New Covenant
Self Appointed Apostle