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These Black Documentaries focus on people and events that shaped the course of African-American history in the United States. Watching them is a wonderful way to learn more about various aspects of the black experience in America.  They are visual and audio experiences that allow us to gain a greater understanding of a time and/or place in a relatively short amount of time.  The African Diaspora has been, quite possibly, the subject of more documentaries than any other group.  The epic lives of the men and women whose ancestors hail from the second largest continent has enlivened the genre whether one is focusing on music, social movements, or sports.  Below are ten films that provide an incisive look at the political history of the Diaspora over the last 150 years.
Aint No Sunshine
for the Caucasians
The Cotton
Pickin Truth
The Empire in Africa
The Scottsboro Boys
An American Tragedy
Nigerian Art
Kindred Spirits
Amandla: A Revolution
in 4 part Harmony
Hanibaal Barca
The Middle
A Self Portrait
Idi Amin Dada
America: Beyond
The Color Line
Murder on
A Sunday Morning
Time and Judgement
A Diary of a 400yr Exile
Black Wallstreet
2 Discs
Movies of Color
The Boys
of Baraka
500 Years Later
In Cinema
Day of The Zulu
500 Years
of Lynching
History of
The Black Press
Negros With Guns
Congo: White King
Red Rubber, Black Death
The Door of No Return
Whatever Happened
to Idlewild
The Weather
Who Is Ptah
4 Little Girls
African Powers
What Black
Men Think
Rebels With a Cause
Life & Debt
Stephanie Black
638 Ways
To Kill Castro
Runaway Slave
Germanys Black Holocaust
VooDoo Secrets
History Channel
Reaching The Finish LIne
Civil Rights
Cosmic Africa
Struggle & Success
Blacks Experience in Japan
African School
The Womanizer &
The Evangelist
The Real Eve
Tuskegee Airmen
American Heroes
A Raw
Vegan Family
Cuba: An
African Odyssey
Pass It On
Dhoruba Wahad
Inside The
Buffalo Soldiers
Revolution 1967
The Revolt in Newark, NJ
A Black Woman Speaks
Beah Richards
Gullah: Sierra Leone to
South Carolina
Life After People
Dakar - When The
Spirits Get Angry
The Panama
Wonders of
The Ancient African World
The Ghost of Cite Soleil
Exposed: Black
Queens & Goddesses
Invisible Men of Honor:
The Legend of The Buffalo Soldiers
Ghosts of Rwanda
Black Theatre:
Making of a Movement
The African
Burial Ground
Attack on Move
The Life & Times of
Nat Turner
Nat Turner:
A Troublesome Property
Egyptian: Secrets
of The After Life
Investigating A Legend
Che Guevara
Fist of Freedom
The 1968 Olympics
The Bolivian Diary:
Che Guevara
Fatal Floods
The Big House
Kids Behind Bars
Family Across
The Sea
Scandal of The Ancient World: Ancient Egypt
The Life of
George W. Carver
Mystery of
Camp Von Dorn
Timbuktu Untold
Untold Story
Fidel Castro
The Elmina
Slave Castle
Black Boy
Urban Injustice
Struggles In
Quest For Freedom
Harriet Tubman
Breaking The Silence
Steven Biko
Adjust Your Color
Petey Green
Australian Aborigines
Savage Man
Savage Beast
Slavery & The Making
of America
Africa: The Bible
& The Gun 3 Discs
Signs of
The Last Days
Mind Wars
3 Discs
Black Magic
Voyage of The Slave Ship
Siafu Ants
The God
Genes Decoded
Lybia & The Collapse of The European Union
The Biography
Noble Drew Ali
A Jamaican Gangster
The Door
of No Return
Gods of
The New Age
Poverty Is Not
an Accident
Courage & Faith
Fannie Lou Hamer
Crisis in Black and White
Phil Donahue
Vanishing Africa
W.E.B. Dubois
Masters of
The Mofu &
The Jaglavak
Madam C.J.
Tales From
The Land of Gullah
Antigua & Barbuda
Teaching Method
of Timbuktu
Rise & Fall of
Jim Crow 4 Discs
Slavery & The Making
of America 4 Discs
Amos & Andy
Anatomy of A Contreversy
Eyes On The Prize
Civil Rights in America
7 Discs
Now I Know
Purification Ceremony
King of Zaire
The Ivory Coast
In Crisis
History of
Black New York
Black Church
In Canada
Battle of Algiers
Cities of The Underworld
Unchained Memories
Slave Narratives
Black Indians
Marimba Ani
Frederick Douglass
Asian Monopoly
Black Hair Care
Marcus Garvey
A Giant Of Black Politics
Murder & Incest
In The Vatican
Hebrew or So
Called Negro
Pope & The Mafia
Angels & Demons
The Physical Appearance
of Israel 2 Discs
Lucifers Children
The Last Jews
of Libya
DNA v.s.
Book of Mormon
Ancient Prophecy
Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
Good Hair:
Chris Rock
Ida B. Wells
Negro League Baseball
Darwins Nightmare
Exposing The Beast
Seminar 2 Discs
The History
of Islam
The Signs and Wonders Movement 2 Discs
Hinduism & Islam
Surprising Discoveries
Ark of The Covenant
Trick or Treat
The History of Islam
New Age Bible
Inside Islam
The Crusades
The Crusades:
The Crescent & The Cross
Empire of Faith
Secrets of Angels,
Demons & Masons
Women In Islam
Angels & Demons
Mysteries of The Dead Sea Scrolls Exposed 3 Discs
Choosing Islam Man-God Relationship in Islam
UFO's & Bible
Prohpecy 2 Discs
Conspiracy of Heresy
2 Discs
The Many Faces of Benny Hinn 2
The Discoveries of Ron Wyatt Noahs Ark
Sodom & Gommorah
Messages from Heaven
Apparition of Virgin mary
Endtime Revivals
Religions Exposed
L. Ron Hubbard
Obsession Radical
Islams War against
The West
King James
Version of The Bible
Megiddo 2 Discs
A Woman
Rides The Beast
Freemasons in Control
of Church & State
Did Darwin Kill God?
The Orthodox
Muslims v.s. N.O.I.
The Truth
about Christmas
The Satan Synagogue
So Called Jews
8 Centuries of
Muslims in America
Connection 4 Discs
The Secret of
Solomons Temple
The Lost
Tribes of Israel
Innocents Betrayed
Tongues United
How to Eat Your Watermelon in
White  Company
American History in
Black & White
Ancient People
of Australia
The George Washington
Carver Story
Langston Hughes
Black Cinema:
Silence to Sound
Joe Jacksons Trail
Roots Daughters:
The Women of Rastafari
Thats Black Ent.
3 Discs
The Trials of
Daryl Hunt
Half Past Autumn:
The Life of Gordon Parks
Hawaiis Last Queen
The Embattled Queen Lili
The Jesus Accounts
Alvin Ailey
American Dance Theater
The Trail of Tears
Cherokee Legacy
Great Indian
Leaders & Nations
Geronimo and The Apache Resistance
In The White
Mans Image
The Grenada
Basil Davidson
Stuck in
The Middle
Race War:
Whites v.s. Trini Yardie
Time of Judgment
The Price of
Womans Power
Max Dasara
Confederate States
of America
African Holocaust
2 Discs 
Ancient Egypt
Lest We Forget
Secrets of
The Pyramid
VooDoo Spirits
400 yrs Without
A Comb
The Dogon
Africans In Asia:
Eugene Adams
Ethnic Notions
Black Pharaohs
Hidden Colors
The Egyptian Book
of The Dead
The Murder of
Emmett Till
The Barackhenaten
Obama: The Coming Space War and Alien Invasion
Barack True Story
Exposed Obama Drama
Obama Deception
Obama: Who is this guy?
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Documentaries
Hitler's Forgotten Victims
Black Survivors of
The Holocaust
Faces of Death
5 Discs
Donald Cammell
60's Director
If Only I
Were Indian
Violent Crimes Against Children Doug Millar
The Family That
Walks on All Fours
Man Whose
Arms Exploded
Curse of The Poltergeist
How Black People
See White Culture
Darkest Austria
Country Fried
Home Videos
3 Discs
Ensuring Your
Place in Hell
Public Housing
Gone Wild
Charles Manson
V.S. Tom Snyder
Only Human
Make Me Normal
Frat House
Gods Of
Time Square
God Hates Fags
Hollywood Makeup Artist
H.R. GIger
Art From Dead Bodies
Joel Peter Witkin
Executioners Song
Vampire Secrets
Angel Branch
Real Witch Craft
3 Discs
The Rise & Fall of
Islamic Spain
The Islamic-Catholic Connection
Insane Asylum
Gandhi 2 Discs
Secret Teachings
of Aliester Crowley
Hidden Colors 2
The Great Debate
Bro. Polight v.s. Seti
3 Discs
Exposed Documentaries
Civil Unrest
& Food Riots
Materialistic Zombies
Martial Law
Police State
College Conspiracy
Osama Hoax
The Straw Man
The Rothschilds
The False Teachers
The Lion of Judah
Church for Me Only
2 Discs
Nubia on The Nile
Nubian Spirit
Uganda Rising
The Second Reich: Genocide in Nambia
Freedom Riders
Initiation to
The Mental Plane
Mykals Minstrel Revue
The Destruction of
The Nation of Islam
The Warner Brother Censored Cartoons
Cartoons Exposed
History of Goree Island
Day of The Gun
A History Denied
My Slave Sister Myself
Nubia: Birth
Place Of Kemet
A War For Your Soul
Lost Kingdoms
Of Afrika
The Struggle Continues
Lynching Survivors
Ethiopia: A Portrait
South Of The Border
The Hate That Hate
American Mind Control
Bases and Tunnels
The Disasters Darwinism
Brought to Humanity
The Black Candle
Moving Forward
Blood In My Mobile
When Black Men
Ruled The World
1st Black Secret Society
Mummies Of Kemet
Motherland Africa
Invisible Empire
Road To Brown
Black August
The Afrikans
Somalia Pirates
The Real Story
41st & Central
Black Hill Indians
Classified X
Human Zoo
Black Wallstreet
History Channel Version
Slavery Reparation
Death Of A General
George Jackson
Blacks in Latin America
2 Discs
When The Lion
Tells His-Story
Percy Julian
The Great Pharoahs
I Aint From Afrika
Winds of Change:
Anti-Colonialism in Africa
African and African American Religions
The Black Untouchables
The End Of Poverty
West Afrikan
Dogon Masks
Black Inventors
and Their Parents
Slavery By Another Name
Upright Man
Thomas Sankara
Eastern Africa
Ogun Ceremony
The Passion of
Black History
Occult Murders
Assassination of
Patrice Lumumba
Sara Baartman
The Devil Came
On Horseback
Eyes On The Prize
3 Discs
The Negro Soldier
Military Doc.
The Money System
Sojourner Truth
Imam Jamil Amin
African Journey
Haiti: Where Did The Money Go?
Pushing The Elephant
Women, War & Peace