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.The Black Dot released his first album in 1988 on the infamous B-Boy record label with the group, Tall, Dark, and Handsome. He released his second album on his own independent label B.I.B. Records with the group called, The Lethahedz. In 2005, he released the book called, Hip Hop Decoded, which was viewed by most as controversial, yet was labeled as an underground classic by Hip Hop purist. Today, the Black Dot lectures on the history and philosophy of Hip Hop at colleges and universities.
Making of The Matrix 2 Discs
Hip Hop Decoded
2 Discs
Hip Hop Matrix
2 Discs
Fusion of Hip Hop
Bloodlines of
Hip Hop
Hip Hop
Hip Hop
Hip Hop
Shit Hop
Making of Matrix
2 Discs
Weapons of Mass Distraction
4 Ps
Hip Hop is Dead
Psychological Covert War on Hip Hop 2 Discs
Prof. Griff
Quantum Hip Hop
2 Discs
What do we Know about Hip Hop 2 Discs
Prof. Griff
All of Black Dots &
Prof. Griffs DVDs
Destroying Hip Hop
Prof. Griff