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In Kemet
From African Captives
to Inanse Slaves
Ancient Egyptian Freemasonry
Message To
The Negro Leadership
The Enemy
2 Discs
Why Believe In God
Male / Female Relationships
On The Gil Noble Show
African Origin of Christianity
Ft. Ashra Kwesi
Origin of Egypt
Ramses II
Black Americans
& Their Origins
Worship Of The African Woman As Creator
3 Religions
Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan & Dr. John H. Clarke
Understanding MAAT Concepts
At Morehouse
Origin of
The Jews
African Center
What Will
We Tell Our Children
Interview with Dr. Jochannan & Dr. Clarke
Master Teachers 8th Melanin Conference
At The Feet of The Grandmasters 2 Discs
Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan (born December 31, 1918), also known as Dr. Ben, is an African American writer and historian. He is considered one of the more prominent Afrocentric scholars.  Ben-Jochannan claims to have been born the only child of an Afro-Puerto Rican Jewish mother named Julia Matta and an Ethiopian father named Kriston ben-Jochannan, in a Falasha community in Ethiopia.  He was educated in Puerto Rico, Brazil, Cuba, and Spain, earning degrees in engineering and anthropology.  In 1938, Ben-Jochannan earned a BS in Civil Engineering at the university of Puerto Rico, despite the fact that the University of Puerto Rico did not offer this degree, nor was there an Engineering Department until 1942.  In 1939 a Master's degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Havana, Cuba. He received doctoral degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Moorish History from the University of Havana and the University of Barcelona, Spain.
Egypt: Light of The World
w/ Leonard Jeffries
The Enemy of Black People 2 Discs
Critical Dialogue
w/ Dr. Clarke
Wake Up Black Man
Male God
Speaks at The
Slave Theater
All of Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannans DVDs
Africa in
The New Millenium
Philosophy of
Nile Valley Civilization
The Role of Kemet
The Restoration of African History
Pan Afrikan
Past - Present
New World Order