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The Great Debate: Pastor Colin Akridge
The Cultural Destruction
of African Fashion
Attack on
African Images
Environmental Racism A Global Genocide
The Theft of African History & Spiritual Concepts 2 Discs
Christianity: The Stolen Religion from Africa
2 Discs
2 Discs
African History v.s. Biblical Myths 2 Discs
Egypt: From
Cairo to Nubia
Sisters In The Struggle
Freemasonry: Stolen Mystery Sciences from Egypt
All of
Ashra & Merira Kwesi DVDs
Dr. Ashra Kwesi, a student of Dr. Ben, is another prominent spokesman for the racial nationalists. Kwesi is closely associated with the Alkebu-Lan Foundation. He participates both in their seminar programs and in their tours of Egypt. Kwesi is the director of Kemet Nu Productions in Los Angles, California. Kemet Nu Productions distributes two long tapes of slide lectures by Kwesi - 'The African Origins of Civilization,' and 'The African Origins of Judeo-Christianity.'  Kwesi believes that white's are by nature violent, destructive, and sexually perverse. The tapes are peppered with such terms as 'the faggot Pope,' and 'faggot America.' Kwesi claims that white European's stole the humane religious monotheism of ancient Egypt and perverted it. He refers to the European Jews as the 'so-called Jews.' The tape contains a long, bitter, and vulgar attack on Christianity and ends with a prophetic vision of world without white people.
Heaven is between The Legs of an African Woman