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Dr. John Henrik Clarke, 83, a leading African American historian and scholar, died of a heart attack Thursday at St. Luke's Hospital in New York.  An activist as well as a scholar, Mr. Clarke was once a confidant of Malcolm X and an adviser to Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana. He was a leading proponent of the Afrocentric view of history and culture. Though he never graduated from high school, Mr. Clarke became an authority on African history and culture. He is perhaps best known as a leader in the development of curricula for African American studies
The Great Debate: Mary Lefkowitz
Notes of
An Afrikan Revolution
Malcolm X
Role of The African Woman in History
Martin & LIberation
Islam &
The Arabs
The Necessity of Returning to African Customs
African Spirituality
before Euorpe
Columbus & Genocide
The African Holocaust
Origin &
Impact of Racism
Africa: From
Slavery to Colonialism
Self Reliance
African Diary of
South Carolina
Dialogue of Differences
Ft. Cornell West
A Great and
Mighty Walk
Africa in the
20th Century
At Feet of The GrandMasters
Mother MAAFA
Black Athena Debate
Lecture about
Cheikh Anta Diop
The African in The U.S.
1865 - 1895
The African in The U.S. 1915 - 1945
The African in The U.S.
1963 - 1973
Civil Rights &
Dream Deferred
Legacy of
Marcus Garvey
Africa Time in Trouble Coming of The European
African Resistance
Movements of The 19th Century
The Civil War
and Its Aftermath
All of
Dr. John H. Clarkes DVDs
The Slave Trade
The African in
The Making of America
Emancipation Reconstruction & Betray
African Radical Thinkers
19th & 20th Century
Slavery & Resistance
The 1st Phase
The ZULU Wars
Africa Before Slavery
Black Business
In The 21st Century
What is This Stuff
called Islam