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Black Arabia: African Origin of Islam 2 Discs
ISLAM: African or
White Religion
Is Islam an African Religion w/ Ray Hagin
2 Discs
All of Dr. Wesley Muhammads DVDs
Dr. Wesley Muhammad is regarded by many as a phenomenal young scholar with impressive credentials, who is also passionately committed to playing a role in the healing of the Black Nation. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from the acclaimed HBCU, Morehouse College (Atlanta, GA), graduating with honors in 1994. In 2003 Dr. Muhammad received a Masterís Degree in Islamic Studies from the prestigious Ďpublic Ivyí, the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), whence he also received a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies with a focus on Early Theological Development in Islam. Dr. Muhammadís doctoral work included training in Arabic, Biblical Hebrew, German and French and he conducts research in those languages.