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The late, great Dr. Amos Wilson was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in 1940. Familiarly referred to as Brother Amos, has provided the average person with an acute analysis of where we are and the things that affect us. He served as a council to energize our race and those in positions of influence as to how to carry out their leadership responsibilities. Dr.Wilson's activities transcended academia into the fields of business, owning and operating various enterprises in the greater New York area.
Black Power Or White Oppresion
The Euro American Roots of Violence
The Falsifications of African Consciousness
Negro Assimilation
The Development of The Black Male Child
Blacks In America
Issue of Identity
African Revolution
Special Education For African children
Black Love
Black on Black
How to Use History to Change our Future
Destruction of African Family values
Educating Black Minds
Manhood 2 Discs
Crime & Violence
Africans With
No Economic Power
Death At
An Early Age
How White Society Promotes Violence in The Black Community
The Crisis of Black Leadership
Failure of The Public School System
Blueprint For
Black Power
Culture & Power
Education Forum
All of
Amos Wilson DVDs
Moving Beyond
Racism & Civil Rights
& Oppression